Summit Energy Services

Data Driven Energy Experts


PO Box 983038
Park City, UT 84098, US


PO Box 983038
Park City, UT 84098, US

Energy Sector Technical Support

We are data-driven energy experts providing advisory services in Land, Geology, and Engineering.

Our goal is simple; provide expertise where required, to support our clients for the long-haul through actionable intelligence.

What We Do

Summit Energy Services Overview

In 2017, Summit Energy Research was spun out of our sister company, Summit Financial, founded in 2012 and is a subsidiary of Summit Companies.

​Summit Energy Research is a firm entirely dedicated to servicing the Energy Sector. Our goal is to provide actionable intelligence to Royalty Owners, Upstream Firms, and Midstream Firms. We are just as comfortable striking valuations on public companies as we are managing a leasing campaign or planning an upstream development program.

​Our team today is comprised of professionals with expertise in Geology, Engineering, Land, Finance & Accounting. Our collective experiences include both the investment world and corporate environments. We have direct expertise in regions such as the Williston Basin, Powder River Basin, DJ Basin, Uinta Basin, Permian Basin, Eagleford, and Marcellus. We are your one-stop resource for nearly everything energy. Our clients gain an edge by minimizing pitfalls, thus maximizing their investment dollars.

​We operate a with simple month-to-month contract based upon discipline-specific hourly rates. Our fee structure is designed such that our clients gain access to seasoned professionals at the cost of a part-time employee. We are your organization’s alternative to instituting a high fixed-cost employee base.


Benjamin Pittsley



• MS Finance, Suffolk University, MA

• BS Finance & Economics, UNH, NH

• Over 15 Years Professional Experience

• M&A Transactions Totaling Over $2.0B

• Investment Management Over $350B

Sam Bradley



• BS, Petroleum Engineering, School of Mines, CO

• Over 10 Years Professional Experience

• M&A Transactions Totaling Over $400MM

• Field Operations: DJ, Marcelllus, Barnett

Planned & Executed Budgets >$900MM


We are a team of professionals providing advisory services in the fields of Accounting, Tax and Financial Management. We were founded to help small business owners get their hands around the financial aspects of managing and planning a growing organization.

Do I need to be located in the Rockies region of the United States to work with Summit?

No! Much of our work is remote in nature. We have clients from Europe to the United States, from east coast to west coast. If we are required onsite, we will be there. However, since much of our work is remote, nearly everything can be completed from our offices in Utah and Colorado.

Can I Afford Summit Services?

YES! As a result of our low overhead, we are capable of offering your business extremely competitive pricing vs. the large consulting firms. Furthermore, our flexible fee structure based upon an hourly rate with no long-term contract allows you to use as much, or as little of our expertise to help guide your business to success. Contact us for a free Consultation to determine if our services are a proper fit for your business.

Can I Select Certain Services?

Not a problem, think of Our Services as a la carte! We will custom-fit our services to your business’s needs. In addition, we recognize that at times you may also require services Summit does not offer. To bring our clients the best service possible, we have partnered with trusted firms to offer these services, enabling us to help you find the assistance you need as we help guide your business to success.

Where Do I Begin?

It’s Easy! In our experience many clients aren’t sure how all of our services fit their organization. That is why we offer a free assessment, so let us schedule a Consultation to evaluate what your business’s needs.